Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 1 City Building & Geometric Art/Sculpture June 7-11
Students will learn about: architecture, civil engineering, and fractal geometry. They will study the physics behind structures as they construct bridges and design and build their own unique city structure. Meanwhile, they will learn about geometry, specifically polygons (especially trigons), polyhedra, graph theory (Lusona drawings), and fractal geometry and learn who fractal geometry plays a large part in African architecture.

Week 2 Rocket Science June 14 - 18
Students will contruct straw rockets, air pressure rockets, water bottle rockets, CO2 rockets, and Estes rockets this week. They will conduct experiments to see how varying fin shapes/sizes, pressure, and angles affect the flight of their rockets. Additionally, they will participate in the popular "Egg Drop," and older kids will build and launch hot air balloons. All kids will learn some level of geometry &/or trigonometry (depending upon level of ability) and their applications to rockets. Students will enjoy our guest, retired NASA rocket scientist , Dr. Layfield with COSROCS, who will help them launch their Estes Rockets.

Week 3 Examining Earth (Old & New) June 21-25
Students will explore geology and archaeology as they examine the most unique celestial body in our universe, our miraculous Earth. They will learn about rocks, volcanoes, stalactites, stalagmites, fossils, and geysers. They will also learn about the special history of math and astronomy of the Mayan culture by examining their astronomical tables, calendars, base 20 number etc.

Week 4 Robotics June 28 – July 2
Students will enjoy building and programming with robotics this week with the Rocky Mountain BEST group. They will also learn about electronics/electricity, basics about computer programming, base number system – particularly base 2, and combinatorics (permutations and combinations).

Week 5 Eye C U! July 5 – 9
Biology is the focus of this week! Students will study the human anatomy with models, cell extraction & observation, dissection, and dissection, and 3-D modeling of human anatomy. They will also learn much about insects, animal wildlife, and plants. They will see how mathematics, particularly the Golden Rectangle and fractal geometry can be seen in nature.

Week 6 Sky Watch July 12 – 17
This week focuses on astronomy and meteorology. They will model tornadoes with the tornado chamber, explore lightning and static electricity with the VanDerGraaf generator. They will enjoy participating in missions with the Challenger Center and traveling to see meteorologist and space meteorologists in action. They will also study the electromagnetic spectrum and how it relates to astronomy.

Week 7 Flight/Aviation July 19-23
The Science Man (Dr. Baynes, aviator & former science educator for NASA) returns to Denver for his Science Spectacular and RISE presentations and helps students learn about the principles of flight. Students will perform many hands-on activities including helping the Science Man create explosions galore as the he helps students understand physics and chemistry as it relate to aviation.

Week 8 Energy July 26-30
During this week, students will learn much about energy (renewable and non-renewable) and the electromagnetic spectrum. They will perform light labs, sound labs and many other activities as they explore renewable energy sources such as solar energy

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